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Re: could this posibly be considered spamming ?
From NightFly ~* on 10 March '98
adding to could this posibly be considered spamming ? posted by Andrew Harris

Evil Bunny!

I should have known.

Your only salvation (or penance) is to go in and fix the pages by hand. I'll admit, I tried FrontPage but after spending 10 hours writing the code for one page and watching it destroy everything I had just so carefully arranged, well.

I did a job for a certain Brit who shall remain anonymous for a little while longer (until he gets the new pages up!) Anyway this was a certain Dating Network. I did the pages, used some very nicely layed out tables and then whamo! This guy took a copy of FrontPage to it and started inserting images with 350 pixel widths into a table cell that was set up at only 150 pixels. Needless to say it did not look pretty.
The site has since disappeared and I feel really sorry for the poor guy (it cost a pretty penny). My advice, stay away from any business product from Redmond, WA. I use products made by a company who took their name from a form of mud brick.

My Opinion, ~*

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