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Alta Vista (?other view?)
From Mike Cohen at Caladium Bulb Company on 11 March '98
At least one of my pages turns up in Alta Vista's top
five for all of my keywords except one. For this word (caladium)
the highest listing I have been able to get is 22. I have created
a special page to target this. What is perplexing
about this is that 42% of the words on this page are caladium, the title is caladium,
the META kw=caladium and the description contains caladium twice. A competitor's page
turns up #1 with the title More caladiums, a meta kw list literally a mile long, and nowhere near
the word density of 42%. Is it possible that AV actually weighs the date into the algorithm?
I have read that all things being equal, date is a factor, but is it more than that?

Thanks for all the help,

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