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Re: Help! I can't get listed on...
From Dan C. Rinnert on 12 March '98
adding to Re: Help! I can't get listed on... posted by NightFly

>I've submitted numerous times with no luck.
>It would seem that they are ignoring my
>requests but who knows.

Thank goodness I'm not the only one. My first
home page, I had no problem getting listed.
But, I've moved it twice now, and have not
been able to get it updated. It's been six

Then, there's my business site, which I've
been waiting three months for to be listed.
It really ticks me off since one of my
competitors is the only listing in my category.

Other search engines didn't seem to have this
problem. Anyway, enough of my rant; if anyone
figures out a way to actually get listed in
Yahoo!, let me know. ;-)

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