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Re: Yahoo Change Forms
From paul on 12 March '98
adding to Re: Yahoo Change Forms posted by NightFly ~*

>I was desparate too. I've since given up. I've tried the change form about 10 times (even tried using the password once or twice.) I'm not convinced that they pay any attention to it, if they even know it's there.
>I think your next best bet is going to be, CALL THEM. I no longer have a need to update the site.
>I'm sorry, I've suffered with the same fate for more than a year.

>Again, sorry. ~*

call them? Does anyone even know their address? or phone?
I bet if I mailed them a 3x3 box ups
the had a simple lettler stating my URL
they might post me...Because everything
we've tried to date isn't working..

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