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Re: Yahoo! Get-Local can you get in?
From Jim on 13 March '98
adding to Yahoo! Get-Local can you get in? posted by David

>In Yahoo there is a Get-Local section. Can you suggest
>a site to get listed on the other resource list?

The "get local" feature feeds off the main
Yahoo! database. For example, if somebody
wants carpet fitters in Iceland they'll do
a "get local" and the search results will be
restricted to the main Yahoo! Regional_Iceland
categories, or whatever.

In other words, there's no "separate" Yahoo!
to submit to. If you want to be listed locally,
submit to a Regional category.

>Also when they say 2 entries, does this include other parts of
>yahoo like where I am from I have "yahoo Twin Cities". Can I have 2 in there as well?

You can submit two categories only. Period.
You'll be lucky to get even one.

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