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Re: i see it
From Tina at Designed to a T on 13 March '98
adding to i see it posted by Andrew Harris

>hmmmmmm, lets take a look see....well, your meta keywords are spamed, "home is there atleast 6 if not 8 times

>your "!--Accurate Work at Home Job Listings for People who want to Work from Home." thats enclosed in brackets should be below the /HEAD, and im not to sure about repeating it 5 times

>i do like the heading hidden in the border though (*big grin*). whos idea was that ?

>wow, how did you get your meta description at exactly 150 characters ?
Have a look at mine and try and figure it out.
I think it is because I have a geocities page and my own domain name at the same time.
I don't know if I should list it as www.designedtoat.com
or www.geocities.com/~hartmans
I have had to email Alta Vista twice because they said they were listing it and it still did'nt show up.
Which url should I go with?
Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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