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Re: Does a domain name bring more business?
From R.C.Johnston at Hot Time Foods on 15 March '98
adding to Re: Does a domain name bring more business? posted by Joyce Moss

>>Hi there, I was wondering if it is a proven fact or that most people think or know that a domain name brings more people or ptential customers to that site? I got some free space with earthlink but I might get a domain name, I was wondering if a domain name brings more business!

>Hi Brandon;
>I am not sure if your own domain name actually brings more business in the sense of directly bringing more traffic to your site. It seemed to for us. There are other facters to consider, however. It has been our experience that the use of the domain name website in advertising campaigns brings more site traffic, and more clients. That may depend upon the design of your ad campaign. We are a local service business and originally put up a website (1n 1994) just to have a web presence in a hi-tech geographical area.

>We also found that having our own domain name allowed us to change our web hosting service without having to print up new literature (the address remains the same). In the first 2 years on the net, we did have to change hosts several times because on-line access deteriorated on a site. This appears to be a lot more stable now than it was a few years ago. If you use much printed literature, having to reprint it because a web address changes can be a big expense!

>We now have over 1,000 page hits a week, which is probably pretty respectible for a local service type business, and a large percent of our clients now come from the website.

>It did take about a year before the website brought in any income. Since we are not selling a product from our website, this may not apply to your goals at all. Hope this may be useful information for you.

>Joyce Moss
>Denon & Doyle disc jockey company

My feeling regarding this is if there is an advantage it is
only a smallish one, at least for now, unless you
are a large well known company. However in the previous
reply the fact was noted that it is really eazy to move
your page to another ISP should it become necessary.
I have found that to be true.
Good luck.

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