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My shopping cart opinion :)
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 15 March '98
hmmmmmm, seems to be alot of talk here about shopping carts, so i figured I'd throw in my opinion.

remember rule #, hmmmm, its somewhere between 1 & 10, your pages need to load fast or people leave. That's kind of the problem with most of the shopping cart programs, in a way. They dont necessarily take a long time to load , but they keep sending you to another page, then you got to go to another page to get back into the store. I HATE THAT !

ok, so now for the plug:

its a cool shopping cart program, it attaches the "basket' to the bottom of each page while you shop. cool huh ? no matter where you are in the store the "basket is always at the bottom of the page.

it you want to see it in action check it out on my site (another plug ) http://www.rhtubs.com , and no it's not my program, but if you buy it please tell the guy you got him from me....i need to make more points with him, i keep getting him to do upgrades to the program so it will do some rather unique things for mt site *L*

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