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can't help but laugh
From Andrew Harris at Robert's Hot Tubs on 16 March '98
adding to Re: who ? what ? where ? when ? posted by Susan Savino

sorry, i can't help it...that was a smart move, copying your page....ok ok ok, again, I'm sorry.

but *S*

try changing the title a little.

make it all lower case and take out the collin (;). (the collin is seen as a character by the search engines)

it should beat the other guy, but then he's just going to copy that...since it takes a month for AV listings to show up you'll have a month to figure out what to do next. (heres an idea, as soon as AV put up the listing, change the title back..when he goes to see how you did it, he'll see nothing (laughing some more).

it may help to re-do the html and take out all the junk that MS front page puts in

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