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hate "mail"? musta hit a nerve
From Andrew Harris at http://www.rhtubs.com on 16 March '98
adding to Andrew Harris, your remarks are getting old. posted by paul

>Jim's product is the least expensive product
>on the market. It's a great value.

no argument here.

>Your sarcastic remarks on this board over
>and over again are getting old. How much
>support do you expect for $100.00 piece of
>software?..Day in and day out we see your
>remarks on this board. Your either obsessed
>with your HTML work. Or you have nothing better
>to do...

BOTH,and then some.

>Andrew, this isn't science. Sometimes Sh@#
>happens, when it does we learn from your
>errors and try again.

glad to help

>so why then does Jim's oh so
>great "The Promotion Artist" (AKA "the
>spider"....for which many of us
>paid more for than what its costing now)
>say it submitted sucesfully ?.....
> It doesn't! If the page doesn't
>post it doesn't show submitted secesfully..

are you sure about that ? *S* you may want to double check. I would if i were you.

>Bottom line. I'm not a "Jim groupie" but it's
>the best product for the money, and you're
>expecting too much out of it. And the support
>you should receive for it..

expecting too much ?BULL, If a product is advertised as doing something, then it should do it. period ! As far as support, as jims says right here on his site, if you need support hes here to give it. iv asked 2 or 3 simple questions. All of which I've gotten a quick, personal responce from jim. As for my occational "pissy" attitude, look at it like this.......lets say you have a regular store that depends on 'drive by' traffic for it income.now lets say the city arbitraroly, without warning comes by and closes the streets for a four square block area for three or four days......get the picture ? this was the second time infoseek "kicked" around 100 of my sites pages for the weekend (i get the most traffic on weekends) monday at 8 am they had only 8 obscure pages up, at 11:30 i actually called them (more on this below) and they found 70 pages, by 3 thery were all back up...hey, i get pissed at that stuff...believe me, I'd much rather spend my time improving the content and info of my site. But if no one can find it, it doesnt matter.

As for being a Jim groupie ? maybe, but i have strongly disagreed with him on some thing, and been swayed by him on others. a groupie ? i dont think so, i just like the guy , his atitude, and his site. I think hes got a lot of common net sence and gets right to the point without a lot of bull or trying to sell you something (i do however see more software on the new site *L*.yeah Jim, I'll probobly buy some)

anyway, so i called infoseek to inquire about the weekend ofline submition thing (impressive, i wasnt on hold more than about 5 second). The guy gives my the line about doing maintaince and "improvments" (i could almost hear him winking). so i ask how long they think the "maintenane" will take..he says he doesnt know but if its a problem i can e mail url's to him...the conversation continues for a couple minutes and i can tell this guys getting a bit uncomfortable. so i ask if theyre not doing weekend submition because thrie system is getting overloaded and weekend being the busiest there giving thing the weekend to "catch up"...musta struck a nerve, in a turse voice i got "I'm sorry sir I can't answer that. Will there be anything else?" (Oh and Paul, I was polite and thanked him for his time .) If anyone has any insight on this I'd love to know......and Paul, my name is always listed on my postings, you don't have to read them........If you really don't want to.

Good luck to you too Paul, I wish you all the best.

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