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Regarding robots and shopping carts
From Brian Geverd at Soccer Uniforms by Sports Hardwear on 17 March '98
With reference to a February posting:

We use AT&T Secure Buy as our secure server/cart cgi provider.
AT&T "Dynamic Digital Offer" (ddo) "Bots" are added using
Front Page 98 client side software to call on a product.txt file
that stores our prices. A lead product page calls on the ddo to display
a price that is dynamically displayed on the page. It is not until one selects
and submits a product selection from that page that they go to the
secure page that displays the "on the fly" shopping cart selections.

I want to submit these lead product pages to engines.

Am I to assume from the referenced message that if I want a page to
be successfully spidered and cataloged by an engine, it cannot have
a shopping cart associated with it? If so, do these ddo bot pages
constitute an "on the fly" document?

http://www.sportshardwear.com/wh012.htm is a sample of such a page.

I know this is a lot to ask Jim...Thanks!

Brian Geverd
Sports Hardwear

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