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Re: Help, I can't get listed and I'm FLAMING!
From Daryll at 4TheLord on 17 March '98
adding to Help, I can't get listed and I'm FLAMING! posted by NightFly ~*

>I really enjoy reading the postings here. However, I do have to say this...

>This message board is a great place to learn great tips and techniques. Many people come here with questions and comments and many people leave here with answers to their questions. SHOUTING at people will do nothing but turn them off, and who knows, it may be the one person who can help you with a problem you've been experiencing.

>I come here for ideas and generally leave with a few. I check back occasionally to see what others have said about my comments and take what I can. If your having a rough time with something, don't bring your hostilities here. This is not the place for that. Try Yahoo! Chat. It's free and you can SCREAM at people all you want. For me it is something like the satisfaction I get from paper shredding machines.

>Anyway, peace to you all. I wish you success in all your endevours. My ears have finally stopped bleading.

>James ~*

>ps. Check out the new look!


THANK YOU for these comments!!

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