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From paul on 18 March '98
adding to At least Andrew Harris makes remarks posted by Jim

>Andrew's postings are clearly marked "Andrew
>Harris". If you don't like reading them, nobody's
>forcing you!

>He's helped a lot of people around here lately,
>even if he is irreverent once in a while. Instead
>of insulting him, which adds no value to this board,
>why not make some constructive arguments against him?

Jim, I'm happy he's and everyone else on this
board make comments. Don't get me wrong. My
gripe is his scarcastic tone. Here's the line
I didn't like:

so why then does Jim's oh so great "The
Promotion Artist" (AKA "the spider"....
for which many of us paid more for than
what its costing now) say it submitted
sucesfully ?

The question could be asked: Why does the
Spider say it submitted sucesfully?

I didn't and don't feel he needs to add:
....for which many of us paid more for
than what its costing now)

I'm not sure what value a remark like
that has, that's all.

Listen, we all spent $100.00 for your
software, but to somehow imply Jim's
software is the reason he got "bumped"
is ridiculous...

Take care, Paul

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