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Re: Meta Tag Failure. Please Help!
From Nick Clark at FragMs HiDeOuT on 19 March '98
adding to Re: Meta Tag Failure. Please Help! posted by Jim

>Steve is right. Meta Medic is a tool that's
>having troubl recognising your (probably correct)
>META tags. You should concentrate on getting
>your keywords right, aas Steve has >suggested.

After reading that meta tag medic had only given me a 23% usage of my keywords .. and classified this as "bad", I added loads of keywords that were only very loosely related to my site content. After weeks of submitting & resubmitting my site just isn't coming up under the keywords that I wanted it to.

"If you cast your net too wide you won't catch any fish" .. I think this is EXACTLY the case. I looked at another site similar to mine which had collected 2 000 000 hits (!!) .. and it had only used 3 words for it's keywords. Is this telling you anything??

I think the author of Meta Tag Medic ought to seriously consider re phrasing some of the advice it's giving but as it stands, most of it is just plain WRONG. And it's wasting mine & everybody else who've used its time.


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