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Re: Excite problems
From Brian Geverd at Soccer uniforms by Sports Hardwear on 21 March '98
adding to Excite problems posted by Jeff

>My website seems to be hitting fine with many of the search engines Infoseek, hotbot (many times I am hitting #1. Excite on the other hand I can not seem to get a listing in the top 100? any suggestions?

Went to your site.

Excite (webrawler, magellan etc.) does not like frames. The stop at the frameset and will
not follow. Also, they love content and titles and ignore metas.

If you want to stick with frames (I do) then...

#1. Your noframes section needs to have its own title.
A noframe browser will pick up that title...load it up with keywords the way
you did with your frameset title. I'm not certain which one Excite will use
for its indexing, however, it does not hurt to have both. I keep an old AOL
1.1 browser on hand to view the way my no frames section looks.

#2. The second thing is load your noframes section with more valid content
and your keywords and key phrases!

This worked wonders for our site (we have 5 returns on the first page on one
of our keywords). Not only will it allow that document to rise it will also
open the gates for their spiders to index the rest of your site.

Last thing... there is nothing in your main frame or home link.


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