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Re: deactivating the "back" icon in netscape/ie !!!
From Massa at magic-city.net on 22 March '98
adding to deactivating the "back" icon in netscape/ie !!! posted by Janitor

Those sites that won't let you go back are
using a meta refresh tag. Server side and most java
scripts will let the back button work but not the
meta refresh.

WARNING: Infoseek will severely penalize you
if they catch the meta refresh tag!!!! I had
183 pages in the top 20 on Infoseek and one day
they were all Gone! I tried to resubmit them
and I got the old "access denied". I called
customer support and the told me my domain
had been banned and all the pages from that
domain deleted from their index.

Out of 183 pages I had 6 with a meta refresh,
but I lost all 183. I had clients folders up to
my elbows for a month! After 3 weeks of calling
and e-mailing, they took the ban off my domain
(after I had already switched all the pages to
another domain and re-submitted) but only after
I sent an e-mail promising to never break their
guidelines again (whatever those are).

I no longer use meta refresh tags with Infoseek
and they never seemed to work with the rest of the
engines as well as on Infoseek anyway.

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