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Re: Reposting with new page titles
From Jim on 23 September '97 at 20:19
adding to Reposting with new page titles posted by Matthew Fisher on 23 September '97 at 12:36

>I just submitted my site to all the engines.
>Now that I see the listing coming up, I'd like
>to change the Page Titles to include the type
>of product, not just the product name. (i.e.
>Explore Kilauea Volcano CD-ROM, not just
>Explore Kilauea Volcano). Can I do this, or
>is it too late?

It's your own decision. If you think you can
geta more effective listing than you've already
got, then go for it. Bear in mind that listings
can go up as well as down if you resubmit.

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