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It's risky
From Massa at Top 20 Search Engine Placement on 24 March '98
adding to Re: deactivating the "back" icon in netscape/ie !!! posted by Peter Rotgers

The original purpose of meta refresh tags
was exactly what you're referring to. A page
needed to be updated or the info on it was
no longer relevant but for some reason you
did'nt want to delete the page maybe because
you had a use for it in the future. However, for
some reason Infoseeks' bots seems to rank a
refresh page higher than a page without. (I
have been baffled by this for a long time).
However once knowledgable spammer figured this
out, it very quickly became so that at least about
50% of the top 20 under any popular keyword
was a meta refresh.

The main purpose for a meta refresh now it
to present the search engine bot with a different
page than you present to the searcher. Infoseek
has taken such a hard line policy against meta
refresh tags that they will penalize the page,
ban you domain from the instant add url feature
(which BTW isn't very &^&*%$&(* instant these
dats) and even pull all the pages from that
domain from their index. Of course that's if you
get caught(and you will because your competitors
will just re-submit your site for you and keep
doing it until they pull the page) Alta Vista
can do the same thing and so will Excite(I haven't
heard of Excite banning you from submitting
but they will pull all your pages from the index.)

I'm not only passing along what I've heard from
other clients and friends, I'm also speaking
from experience. I do NOT use meta refresh tags
any longer. I strongly urge you to find another
way around your problem as well. Getting busted
is VERY expensive!

Good submitting

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