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Erotica Warning Screen clashes with search engines.
From Don Waterman at Straight Men's Erotica (The Mining Company) on 27 March '98

I am the Straight Men's Erotica Guide for The
Mining Company. As do Guides in other subjects
at MiningCo, I put in a lot of hours finding
good free material in my category so others
don't have to spend the time. But I, and the
other erotica Guides who work for MiningCo,
currently have a real problem getting our
material to the deep search engines because
none of them can get through the Warning Screen
CGI script set up to protect minors.

To attempt to make a long story as short as
possible, I have set up several, essentially
contentless bounce pages, on other sites to
try to direct some traffic to Straight Men's
Erotica. Most of these pages have a fairly
low rate of effectiveness at getting good
placement in the search engines because of
lack of actual content and because there
are so many erotica sites competing for the
commonly searched words.

By using some techniques I've read here, and
a few other places, I have managed to have
enough success to get myself banned from
Infoseek for what they evidently consider
deceptive practices. :-}

I am going to proceed more cautiously, trying
not to get banned anywhere else, and see if
I can get some additional traffic through the
use of 'fringe' words and multiple combinations.

But, what I'd really like to know is if Jim,
or possibly some of the readers here might
know how I could promote a bounce listing
into the top 10 including the keywords free
sex pictures,free sex stories, and free sex movies, as
these are most relevant to my site. Of course,
even in combo, they are very widely used
phrases. You mentioned buying keywords, but
I'm sure I wouldn't be able to afford the
high cost of that.

Failing that, would you know of any way to
help the search engines get past such a
warning screen? Techs at MiningCo are working
on it but there are so many things going on
it is not a big priority and may not be fixed
for many months.

Any help would be appreciated.


Don Waterman

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