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From Massa at Top 20 Search Engine Placement - Guaranteed on 27 March '98
adding to Listings Dissappearing from Hot Bot posted by Gene Zimmer

Trust me Your'e busted, The only thing you can do is
get another domain name and put all the pages you had ('cept the
spam of course) and re-submit.

Word on the cyber street is Hot Bot (as well
as the other deep engines) is tired of all the
complaints they've been getting in regards to
spam that's indexed. They've been installing
filters into their bots that instead of just
not accepting the submission, it red flags the
domain and then a hatchet man goes in and deletes
anything from that domain.

It is my understanding that they will still accept
submissions from that domain and you get the page
that says "Got It" but it never gets indexed.

It would be nice if they would #1. post their
policies a little more clearly and #2. just delete
the offending page and send an auto response
telling you why it was not accepted. But from
my understanding this is their way of punishing
all those Nasty Spammers.

Good Luck

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