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Re: Erotica Warning Screen clashes with search engines.
From Massa at Top 20 Search Engine Placement on 27 March '98
adding to Erotica Warning Screen clashes with search engines. posted by Don Waterman

About 10% of my clients have adult sites and
I guarantee placement so if I accept an account it
is my job to at least meet my guarantee. I too
have had minimal success with adult keywords.
I've always met my guarantee, but my average
top 20 placements for my non-adult clients is
23 for adult clients it's 5, and 10% of my
clients take up about 35% of my time.

The problem you're having is that Hot Bot for
example, under free sex pictures has one domain
like 18 (kaos - you probably recognize it)
of the top 20 placements. You can look at the
document source all day long and not be able
to see why that page has a #1 spot????? Drive
ya nuts don't it?

Well, there are some server side scripts
out there that will show the engine 1 page by
pulling it in to your server from somebody
elses then show the viewer something else. Of
course once it's placed you have to go in and
change it so no one can copy the html but
remember the page you're seeing is not the
page HOt Bot is seeing.

Keep in mind, everyone you ask tells you
that this is not true, however I've been in
contact with some pretty serious programmers
and they tell me it can be done. I've spent
several thousands of dollars on a program so
far and have not been able to get it to work,
so if you can't afford to "buy" keywords you
sure can't afford to hire top notch programmers.

This is supposed to be one of the biggest
secrets on the net, (I don't know?? sounds a
little espionagish to me) but if my
programmer pulls it off just send me your
pages and WE'LL BOTH get rich!

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