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Re: How long to get listed?
From david pike at webchemists domain on 28 March '98 at 18:16
adding to Re: How long to get listed? posted by gary on 05 March '98 at 21:10

>>Infoseek is almost instant. Alta Vista will
>>be next, in a few days. The others range from
>>a week to several weeks to indefinite!!

>>Note all the Yahoo complaints on this message

>>Patience and doggedly resubmitting are the best
>>tactics if you find any engines particularly
>>stubbborn (which you will).

>Yahoo is not for real. They apparently have no problem listing fluff like "The World Of Pringles Potato Chips"
>but not my page on bio-diversity and seeds for trees. There must be thousands and thousands of people in my boat who
>have beeen tryiong to get listed for months.
>In short they are the worst search engine on the web
>because they are far from up to date with new web sites.
>I would like to see some kind of campaign to expose them for what they are
>which is something other then a decent search engine.

my gawd i am not worthy someone has the same problem as i do,
i have been waiting for erm 1 month to get my chemistry
page listed still, no go

bad eh?

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