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Re: Busted!
From Busted at Top 20 Search Engine Placement on 28 March '98
adding to Re: Busted! posted by Nicholas

I was referring specifically to refresh pages.
You may have noticed that the spam tool of
choice lately has been java script re-directs
as opposed to meta refresh tags.
You may have noticed all kinds of wierd little
things when you click on a link from a search
engine. Things like just moving your browser
across the page and all of a sudden your'e
switched to another page. Or maybe a black screen
comes up and it says something like "hang on"
then the screen may chage again and it says
"just another second and you'll be there" then
all of a sudden your'e on the page you thought
]you were going to in the first place.

These are java scripts, and what they're trying
to accomplish is a meta refresh tag without using
the meta tag, because Infoseek, Alta Vista and
Hot Bot are very actively looking for the meta
refresh tags but it appears that their bots are'nt
reading the java scripts as a re-direct. Well
it appears that has changed at least with Hot

So the main thing I'm referring to with Hot
Bot is they've have recently developed a filter
to "catch" the meta refresh tags and the buzz is
it may include java redirects as well.


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