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Re: Yes, It's Big News--Jim-More a keyword change?
From Verle Harrison on 24 September '97 at 05:58
adding to Yes, It's Big News posted by Jim on 23 September '97 at 20:07

>>It seems to me that infoseek change how they rank a site. Is this true?

>Yes, they've just decided to limit the number
>of keyword repetitions to 3, and that includes
>keyword phrases so, for example, you can't have
>"gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, pearl jewelry,
>silver jewely" because jewelry is repeated 4
>times. They used to say it was 7 max, then
>said nothing, and now they're saying 3. Note:
>this only applies to Infoseek.

>I suppose they've been clearing out all spammed
>documents, which seems a bit harsh, but they're
>in charge.

Seems that the change is much more than simply the number of times keyword is repeated.
To demonstrate this: search on "telephone" the html of the first listing doesn't even have the metatag for keywords.
then try "battery" the first listing doesn't have the word battery in the metatag for keyword.

So I do not understand what is going on with Infoseek and it seems impossible to near top of infoseek when there appears to be no logic to the ranking.

I am sure folks on this list would be very interested in hearing your thoughts in some detail

Thanks for your comments and this bb. It is great!

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