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Re: Frames
From Massa at Top 20 Search Engine Placement - Guaranteed on 29 March '98
adding to Frames posted by Marcia Purse

Marcia, Anytime I have a client who thinks they
they want frames, I do my best to talk them
out of it. #1, it will VERY rarely ever place well
in the search engines. #2. I hate them as a rule.
I can see where they could be useful, but 90%
of the sites I see with them are just confusing
and hard to understand. I always feel like a
one-eyed dog in a sausage factory - I never know
which way to look next.

If the idea is to make it easier for the visitor
to find things in the site, invaribly just the
opposite happens. You have to go to the little bitty
one at the top, scroll back and forth then up and
down, then go to the little one one the left
and scroll back and forth and up and down, by
now I'm ready to go somewhere else to look for
whatever I came there for, it's too much work!

As far as placement, the only thing you can do
is set up "doorway" pages for each keyword that
leads them back to the page with frames. The
doorway page came up in the top 10 of the search
engine, it sounded good, it got the visitor, now
they stay for 5 seconds trying to figure out
how to navigate the site and they beat it. You
just wasted the space on the search engine, your
time setting up the site and the entry pages,
and most importantly my time in going to your site.

I'm probably stepping on some toes and I
certainly don't mean to hurt anyone's feelings
(it's only my opinion anyway), it's just that
outside of having a frame on the left or right
(that looks like a border so as not to detract
from the main message) for the purpose of
selling advertising or displaying links other
than at the top or bottom of your page, I just
don't see the advantage of frames, where I do
see a HUGE disadvantage in that they will not
get a good placement on the search engines. Keep
in mind, I'm a submission specialist, so that
is always my 1st concern.

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