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Re: fees for banner advertising
From Nathan at Solano Movie Times Online on 30 March '98 at 01:29
adding to Re: fees for banner advertising posted by Jim

>>Do you know anything about fees and rate
>>structures ? Is there a rule of thumb what
>>hosting pages charge ? And what is the
>>basis for their fees (click-through; time....)

>There are lots of different charge structures,
>and average click-through charge is about 10 cents
>but you can also pay by "impressions" or time,
>depending on how the service works.

>There are loads of banner services around,
>just go to Yahoo and search 'banners'. I always
>advise against Link Exchange (free) banners,
>but proper paid banners can be a good idea.

>One of the 'big boys' in banner advertising is
>www.eyescream.com but you need a few thousand
>dollars before they'll speak to you. They charge
>$750 just for the *design* of a banner, without
>placing it anywhere :) It's probably worth it
>if you're serious about your strategy.

Isnt it better to make your own banner, considering there are a host of software that lets you easily create and animate your own banner. (for free!!) Why pay $750?????
How much better could the banner be for $750??

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