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Re: hiding metas.
From Don Waterman at Straight Men's Erotica on 02 April '98
adding to Re: hiding metas. posted by Andrew Harris

>i think theres a cheep version of what youre looking for at;
> http://www.scrubtheweb.com/abs/cgi/tools.html

>check the second item

Looks like there is some interesting stuff there all right
but I'm not really concerned about hiding my meta tags. I'd
be much more interested in a script that would reveal what
techniques others are using at this point. :)

What I really need is a script that would let search engines bypass
the MiningCo warning screen... but not the people. While those
folks might be able to write me something like that I doubt it
would come cheaper than buying keywords. I suppose I'll have to
wait until the MiningCo Techs get to it.


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