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Re: Losing ranking in Infoseek
From INACHU at Inachu on 07 October '98 at 13:32
adding to Losing ranking in Infoseek posted by Monique Gulick on 29 October '97 at 04:27

Seems you did not get any good replies on why
you were bumped down and out of INFOSEEK!

Yes. They did change a bit but here is how
you need to get back up in the top.

People pay a lot for this type of information so pay attention!

1. Did you use meta tags?
Meta tags are a life saver!
2. Did you use your meta tags correctly?
3. do you have your meta tags set so it
will resubmit automatically? If not do it!
The best results for resubmission is to
be set at every 14 days.

4. Does it take a long time for the page
to load? If so maybe the webcrawlers
get timed out.
5. What is the name of the title?
BE THE SAME for instance
TITLE is Inachu
also inachu.html
also check out my metatags in the view source

THis will show a lot on how to search by name
6. how many words are being used in your keywords?
if you have fewer than 10 then you need more!
7. What is the description?
Use Less than 20 words to describe.
9. Also notice when you search for me(INACHU)
you will see many directories called inachu

THis is a sure fire way to get up in the ranks!

All my tips above are %90 effective.
If any questions or problems on a consulting basis
please feel free e-mailing me at inachu@hotmail.com

I can fix up your site in person if you live

PEOPLE PAY UP TO $700 for these tips!
also check out search engine list.
(Every few months or so I check it out for bad links.)

>>>I have a client whose web site was set up correctly with keywords,
>>good titles, text included keywords, etc. For several months I had
>>her appearing in Infoseek under the search "Utah Real Estate" within
>>the first or second page..... then all of a sudden her site was
>>bumped four to six pages deep. I've resubmitted all here key pages
>>with unique titles again, but no success. How often do you
>>recommend submitting?
>>Any thoughts would be more than welcomed on the above scenario.
>>Also can you point me to a good site on the Net that discusses the
>>subject of buying key words, who does it and who does not allow it,

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