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Re: Yahoo...I don't think I will ever get listed!
From carl ballew on 19 Feb '99
replying to Yahoo...I don't think I will ever get listed! posted by Rob B.

>Hi everyone,
>I have been submitting to Yahoo for such a long time and I constantly ...

While there are surely a lot of things that help get a listing with
Yahoo!, there are some exceptions which cause me to think that often
the Yahoo! researchers take a quick look,say yes or no, and move on!
I give you .This page has no
domain name, has hidden keywords, and, horror of horrors!,
has LOADS of keywords at the bottom of the page which are in
BACKGROUND COLOR! I am very close to reaching the conclusion (and yes,
all my sites are listed on Yahoo!) that the most critical factor is
first impression! Common sense tells you that a researcher can't spend
but a minute on each given site. They don't have time to wait on
fancy bells and whistles to load! If at first glance your site
appears to be well designed, fast loading, CONTAINS
yours is the BEST or ONLY site which has this information
(or product!), then 90% of your battle is won!

I have looked at your site, and in my humble opinion the problem with
your site is nothing more or less than the fact that while all all
those links you provide will doubtless be helpful, your index page
will not cause anyone, including the Yahoo! researcher, to say
"This looks interesting! I sure am glad I found it! It's exactly
what I was looking for!" When your words convince Yahoo! of this fact
they will index you. WORDS COUNT!

Hope this helps. All I can say is it works for me.

When your page will generate this effect, then Yahoo! will index it!

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