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Re: Message for Laura
From Laura on 29 Jan '00
replying to Message for Laura posted by Hans Biedermann

>Dear Laura, IŽve got your message by email from the board, but I couldnŽt manage to find your message there to answer. So I choose this way.
>Sorry for the delay in loading my site but this must have been a temporary problem of the server. is on a server in Switzerland, if youŽd try again IŽd be grateful, as you was until now the only one from this board, who answered.
>IŽve an ohter URL on a server in USA, maybe youŽd like to try there
>Thank you in advance and Servus
Wow, I feel famous!
Well, this time I had better luck. I got on your home page, but only after
after TWO MINUTES of staring at a blank screen.
I don't know what causes this but if you want to make a successful
website this load time has to be corrected.

It is obvious you have put a ton of work into this site and
I think it could serve some value but here are my suggestions:

1) Hire a friend or translator for 1/2 an hour to translate your site into
proper English. There are some errors that make it seem like you
don't know what you're doing. And they would be so easy to fix.

2) I AM NO EXPERT BUT I think your table is too wide. I THINK that you are supposed to design tables in relative widths
like 100%, instead of 765 pixels wide so that the table will adjust to the screen resolution
and size of the viewers monitor. Somebody help me with this?
When I view your page on my resolution of 800X600 which I believe is the most
common resolution right now, the middle text of your site overlapps the
links on the left side of your page making both sides barely readable.
This is a design problem and maybe someone smarter than me has an answer on how to fix it.

That's it.
I hope you can get some more advice about the site and good luck.

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