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Re: Vistor page views
From Deb on 30 Jan '00
replying to Vistor page views posted by Duncan


>1) 77% of my visitors are viewing only one page, the entry page, and
> just over 90% are viewing only two pages. Is this par for the
> course? How does it compare with others' stats?

Poor by any standard. The reason IMHO has to do with three things:

a) No navigation to speak of. You cannot move from one page to
another within your site...the back button or the 'click here to
return to homepage' button are your navigational tools.

b) I have a headache from the background colors and the amount of
text running together with no paragraph breaks. Not to mention the
homepage categories are practically illegible against the black BG.
The different colored BG's are kitchy (indicative of the site's theme)
but black on white is still the text/BG of choice...I notice you
don't 'talk' to your visitors either...just bombard them with articles.

c) appears your site is just one giant AD campaign
for various interests and I believe that is a turn off to most folks.
But more importantly...your giving them a 'reason' to leave on every
page...'click here for' lotto, magazine subscriptions, etc. etc. I
mean what do you expect them to do...stay around? No, they're gonna
take your advice and GO...will they come back? Nine out of ten times
no...they're history...I'm sure if you asked all those links what their
referral stats were off your pages you'd get an eye opener!

These three things alone would cause most folks to give up and go long
before they should. Perhaps if your pages were natural progressions,
say the second page was the explanation of urban legends containing
a non-frame listing of the remainder of the site. Always having to
return to the homepage in order to surf the site is not an efficent
use of design. It should flow and in a way that is logical and not
impossible discern at any given time just where you are within the site.

As for the 'links''s up to you but having the largest, most
visually striking thing on your homepage be a banner AD enticing folks
to click on it and go elsewhere isn't the wisest use limited space...

Just my initial impressions/thoughts...

Personally, I would think any 'Urban Legend' site would be a favorite
among the dilbert, some basic design changes may work wonders.

Good luck,

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