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Re: One more request for site critique
From Deb on 30 Jan '00
replying to One more request for site critique posted by Hans Biedermann


>My questions to the specialists:
>1) How do you like the design ? Are the links in the left bar readable ?

The design appears very concise, considering the amount of info your
providing....the links were readable on my browser, but apparently
not on everyone's which is a problem...

>2) How is loading time, compared with average ?

Molasses in January runs faster...and I'm not going back to surf anymore
as it freezes my browser everytime, even have to reboot! This is a major
problem (server driven no doubt) and one which if not corrected will
virtually shut down traffic completely...

People do not like being bumped off-line like that...and I was trying to
do a site critique...if I was just a random visitor I'd NEVER return...:(

>3) What do you think about content of my site ? Would YOU come back sometime ?

Again, the premise is good, loads of free stuff and advice etc., mind you
I couldn't get past the first clickthrough so can't really say if what
your offering lives up to it's reputation, but will assume your legit and
not 'pandering some snake oil' (that's Americanese for sleezy, junk). The
thing is, without being able to access beyond the homepage, all the other
issues: links, design, etc. are moot points...

>4) How itīs prepared for the search engines ?

Didn't get to view the pages much less the source codes...perhaps someone
with better luck than me could advise you....
>An other question : everywhere you can read about importance of popularity, by links.

Reciprocal links are an excellent resource for generating traffic, however,
this requires some serious marketing effort on your part. Identifying
similar sites, requesting they link you...right now I doubt anyone would
seriously consider doing this given the download problems...

Once that's taken care of, please write back in and I'm sure
the folks here would be glad to give you a more thorough critique.

I also agree that the site needs translation/grammatical help.
Better to keep it in German for now until you can convert it. I believe
there are some excellent sites <> or Alta Vista's
that offer this service at a reasonable price.

Hope that helps somewhat...sorry I couldn't be more specific...but it's
hard under the circumstances...


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