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Re: Site Critique, Please
From Deb on 30 Jan '00
replying to Site Critique, Please posted by kimberly


I missed the first go round request that everyone's got their 'knickers
in a knot' over...:) So, I'm going to just give you my opinion from
scratch so to speak:

I like the entire premise, idea of your site...a local mechanic/dealer
giving 'free' advice on transmission repair and offering low cost resale
values. Seems like a winner...except for one many folks in
your local area are wired? Thus the audience your attracting will be
far afield from local walkin traffic. Then your up against the likes of
AutoMart, etc. for competitive used car sales.

With this in mind, I'd create more of a 'FAQ'/Help type of site, utilizing
your husband's expertise and adding a BB like this one for Q/A kind of
interfacing...create a place where people can get their repair questions
answered and where they can interact with other 'car nuts' (they are out
there in LARGE numbers...:) The 'sales' aspect should be secondary to

Eventually, you may even allow people to list their used cars on
your site, but definitely concentrate on the 'free advice' angle.
If you generate car sales as a result, fine...but it's the traffic
your after (pardon the pun) and that can't happen locally, demographic
wise alone you'd not succeed.

As for the pixs...I'd recommend you place more text/description under
the individual cars (rather than showing a blank page when you click
on the tumbnails)...say milege, interior condition (could have a rating
system) etc. This along with superior photo's will enhance the site a

Still, my first and foremost recommendation is to promote the 'expert'
angle...hopefully, once you start generating traffic, you can turn to
'newsletters, banner AD's, referral services, etc. to generate more hits
and see a return on your efforts...

Oh, one more thing...this is a purely feminine point of view, and one
which most men will 'cringe' over I'm sure...but when I see all that
'brown' text on a site for used cars..I think of "RUST" not a good
analogy...maybe it's just me but the connotation is enough to make me
recommend you change colors....:) Also, there is no address/directions
on the homepage...vital info for those in proximity to locate you...

Another gal from Tennessee wrote in for advice awhile back regarding her
local site (which eventually she sold to a radio station I believe) The
advice I gave her on marketing her URL could pertain to you as well...
try searching this BB's archive to see if you can find it...

Hope that helps...and not to worry about asking for advice more than once
For pity sake...if you can't come here and get help...without catching
flack....WHERE the HECK *can* you GO!

Best of luck on you and your husband's business,


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