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Re: Site Critique
From Deb on 30 Jan '00
replying to Site Critique posted by Maurice Bourne


I like it ALOT...(except for the gratuitous jet ski shot...:)

As to the reasoning behind why your not generating traffic...who is
your target audience? How many 'clients' could you take on in
any given year? Do you want to be inundated with queries for
consultations? If you answered yes to any or all of the above,
then you need to do some concerted marketing...cause I'd say the
site as shown is practically flawless (like the fiberglass molds
your producing)...give or take the odd 'cow photo' (what's with that?)
or the strange disclaimer at the foot of your homepage..which if you
choose to leave it should be in italics and centered...

Now, as to how to go about marketing this gem....

Contact Phillips Publishing and ask what an Ad in their mags costs.
They specialize in aviation/car/etc. publications and are very successful.
Hobby shops would be an excellent source for you...minature versions of
these would sell like hotcakes I'm sure...and hobbiests generally have
money to burn and the drive to 'customise'...I myself an not 'into it' but
am sure you could find magazines, newgroups & newsletters that pander
to that crowd...this is all about identifying a target audience and then
saturating them with your URL...

Reciprocal linkage is also worth pursuing...I assume all those links off
page nine are just that...reciprocal (meaning they have a link to your
site from their pages). If not they definitely should!

Finally, there are Auto/Boat shows globally (obviously your standing at
one in that first photo) and tracking down their locations/contacts and
requesting a one page flyer be placed in the attendees registration
packs is an excellent way of tapping into an "exact" target audience.
Some trade shows allow this free of charge, others charge an arm and a
leg for such a'll just have to try...just make sure that
any and all hardcopy advertising has your URL as the prominent feature.
Keep it short, concise and grapically appealing...but then who am I telling
this to...your WEB site and custom designs are proof you have an artistic eye!

Obviously, the name of the game is 'generating traffic' but in your case,
I'd ask that all important question...'just how much business can I handle,
do I want to have to turn folks away'? Might be best to lay low and let it
gradually build over time...unless you want to expand expotentially, in which
case...GO FOR IT!!!

Hope this helped a bit...


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