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Re: Load
From Deb on 30 Jan '00
replying to Re: Load posted by Hans Biedermann


>thanks a lot for your kind message.

Your more than welcome...
>This matter with the loading time is annoying me endless.

ME TOO! :(
>Could you do me a big favour: Could you please try it again

Load time a tiny bit faster, but it still froze my browser when I
hit the link to 'site review'...and I had to reboot...V.E.R.Y. annoying!

and also this URL

No luck...error message...unable to locate server...

Who the heck is hosting your site??? Might I suggest contacting:

for professional advice on this all important issue...obviously, your
having major problems on this count and need some 'expert' (i.e. you
may have to pay) to sort it out for you! The sooner the better....

That's absolutely my recommendation at this point...everyday you delay
is another however many annoyed surfers leaving and never coming back!

Best of luck...


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