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Re: Vistor page views
From Duncan at The Urban Legend magazine on 30 Jan '00
replying to Re: Vistor page views posted by Deb


thanks very much for taking some time to do some in-depth criticism.

Some replies to yer observations;

a)Yeah, I know the navigation could be better. I'm in the middle of
putting pull-down menus on most pages offering links within the

b)OK. I thought those backgrounds may be dodgy. I'll change them.

c)Advertising. Yeah, the site carries a fair bit of advertising. BUT
from what I read, the 'industry' click-thru ratio for ad banners is
about 0.5%, or one in 200, and according to my tracking it is about
the same on this site. So only about 1 in 200 are leaving by
following banners, which is OK because I get a (small) payout for
it. But most are are just leaving.

I'm interested in your comments about 'Dilbert set'. I know the 'toon,
but could you elaborate? Who are these people? What are they into?
Do you mean your average garden-variety office geek, or what?

OK. Thanks again for your comments, all of which have been digested
and are being chewed over.



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