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Re: Vistor page views
From Deb on 30 Jan '00
replying to Re: Vistor page views posted by Duncan


>I'm interested in your comments about 'Dilbert set'. I know the 'toon,
>but could you elaborate? Who are these people? What are they into?
>Do you mean your average garden-variety office geek, or what?

The "cubicle crew"...Scott Adams 'Dilberts' creator used to work at one
of the larger corporations which first introduced cubicles as an alternative
office space...this spawned a whole generation of 'wired' workers who were
at the mercy of 'computer illiterate' bosses...and the backlash was a study
in reverse psychology that hasn't been equaled in the annals of Freud!

These cyber-aficinados held an irreverent view of 'management'and used any
opportunity to 'take the mickey' outta their situation and their bosses lack
of IT savvy. Of course this is changing a bit over time, as in the early days
upper management didn't know a harddrive from a Volkswagen, but as time goes by,
more and more of those in charge not only are knowledgeable, but can actually program!
I was equating your 'urban legend' content with these 'dilbert types' because the
premise is the same...irreverence for the non-wired...and a way of 'taking the
mickey' outta the TV/print it's the hacker/web guru types that have
advanced these 'urban legends' and gotten great glee from the average workers
responses to them...

Hope that explains it a bit better...I thought the whole virtual world knew about
'Dilbert'...:) Some of those toons are the funniest things ever written!
He is definitely the 'Charlie Brown' of cyberspace...
>OK. Thanks again for your comments, all of which have been digested
>and are being chewed over.

Your welcome...glad to be of assistance,


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