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Re: Site Critique
From Maurice at Maurice Bourne Builds Motorcycle Trailers and Three Wheel Cars on 30 Jan '00
replying to Re: Site Critique posted by Deb

I really appreciate your thoughtful response.
It's plain that you saw right away that my biggest problem is that I
really don't have a practical marketing plan. You're right, if I did
get a flood of business I wouldn't be able to handle it. I have
already discovered that I get more e-traffic from guys asking me
questions about my work, than from people interested in buying

You will be pleased to note that I have chopped off the last paragraph
on page one. (I was mad when I wrote it.) Your're right about car and
boat shows. I've made several but they start to get expensive. Also,
the truth is that I don't particularly like being around a lot of
people. I'm really not a good salesman. I don't understand "marketing"
and what I really want to do is lock myself in my shop and build things.

I will study your suggestions and try to get a better plan together.
Within the next week or two I will make several changes to my site and
I will attempt to get reciprocal links to my list on page 9.

As for the cows- they're mine. I live on a small (200 acre) ranch.
They don't make me a living, but that's what my daddy did and I do it
from habit. As for the girls on the boat- well, they make me wish I
was young again.

Thanks again for your help. (and thanks for your kind comments)

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