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Re: Site Critique
From Deb on 30 Jan '00
replying to Re: Site Critique posted by Maurice


> I really appreciate your thoughtful response.

:) Your welcome...

>It's plain that you saw right away that my biggest problem is that I
>really don't have a practical marketing plan. You're right, if I did
>get a flood of business I wouldn't be able to handle it. I have
>already discovered that I get more e-traffic from guys asking me
>questions about my work, than from people interested in buying

Um, sounds like the potential for a Bulletin Board, much like the one
we're utilizing here...this is a wonderful way of generating traffic,
but does take an initial investment of time to respond, until folks
take it upon themselves to answer for you as the numbers increase...
You could check with Jim for advice on adding one to your site.

> You will be pleased to note that I have chopped off the last paragraph
>on page one. (I was mad when I wrote it.) Your're right about car and
>boat shows. I've made several but they start to get expensive. Also,
>the truth is that I don't particularly like being around a lot of
>people. I'm really not a good salesman. I don't understand "marketing"
>and what I really want to do is lock myself in my shop and build things.

Glad the disclaimer went, it wasn't for the 'shows' I didn't
mean you had to attend...that's far too time consuming and costly. All you
need do is contact the 'conference coordinator' and request they place a
flyer in the 'registration materials' handed out to each attendee upon arrival.
This is a great way to reach a specific target audience, and many trade shows
will allow this at no charge as they feel it is a service to their customers
so to speak. The larger ones may charge for the priviledge and you'd have
to decide if it was worth the cost, but the beauty in this lies in the fact
you don't have to 'be there' or 'exhibit' to simply manage to
get your URL into the hands of those whose interests lie in custom fiber-glass
transport! You certainly could design a flash flyer/brochure I know...

> I will study your suggestions and try to get a better plan together.
>Within the next week or two I will make several changes to my site and
>I will attempt to get reciprocal links to my list on page 9.

Good...sounds like a plan to me...:)
> As for the cows- they're mine. I live on a small (200 acre) ranch.
>They don't make me a living, but that's what my daddy did and I do it
>from habit. As for the girls on the boat- well, they make me wish I
>was young again.

Oh, I do apologise...didn't realize the cows had sentimental value...I should
have known they were yours, why else would they be there...perhaps you
could put a short paragraph underneath stating just that, so folks can know
the history.. Things like that really help give a site it's character. I know I
personally would have enjoyed reading that's what they were all about...and
200 acres may be 'small' in TEXAS but around these parts it's a big chunk of
real estate! <grin>

As for the girls...don't suppose a picture of an overweight 80 year old in a
wetsuit would have quite the same effect, but it goes against my feminist grain!
and I'll refrain from mentioning what they make 'me' wish I was...damn them...
> Thanks again for your help. (and thanks for your kind comments)

Thanks for taking them to heart...


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