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Re: What do ya think? (site review)
From Deb on 2 Feb '00
replying to What do ya think? (site review) posted by Andy


It took a bit of time to load...but not enough to scare me off...

My first impression was one of 'what a clear concise site this is',
then I saw the graphic on your site map page (which should just be
named 'home' IMHO), it was blurred, and this was probably deliberate
on your part, but it didn't work for me. I think of the business your
in (or promoting on the site) as very exacting...very precise.

This would lead me to believe it should be represented in a crystal
clear, sharp image the white text on blue background is
also crisp and clean...I found the fact that numerous pictures were
unclear or blurry to be at odds with that 'look/feel'.

I did particularly like the image under "Custom Printed Circuit Boards"
the one with the hand pointing at the blue/green board...even though
this was out of focus as well, it is so 'high tech looking' the impact
is instant awe. Anyway, I'd recommend having another go at the graphic
on the site map page and renaming that page 'home' on the navigation bar.

Those were my first impressions visually...then noticed following:

Think you should move the map of the U.S. on your contact page to the
center and place the text/nav. bar above or below it. I'm on a 17"
monitor and had to scroll right to see it completely...better not
to have to do that if possible.

The other urgent item is to increase the width of your contact form
fields as many people's emails are longer than you've allowed for.
and if they can't see all of what they've typed the chance for errors
increases enormously...I'm sure the object is to populate a database
with interested individuals then contact them back, so it's pretty
important to capture the correct information.

Think overall it's very functional, easy to navigate and pleasing
to the for win the prize for the highest
number of 'unheard of' Keywords in the western hemisphere!
What a list..:)

Anyway, hope some or any of the above helps...


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