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Thank you!
From Jonathan at Acorn Lodge Holiday Accommodation - Bushmills on 3 Feb '00
replying to Re: Got rid of the frames - is this better? [Re: Site critique, please] posted by Deb

>much better...but lose the wallpaper background...just the plain color
I'm quite "possessive" of the background! Does it _really_ have to go? I could maybe make it lighter?

>Yes, and we're due for more tomorrow evening in the form of an ICE STORM!
I shouldn't have been so smug - we had a storm and our phone was cut off for the last 5 days...

Nan: thanks for your "unboring" text, once I have a proper read of it I might use it. It seems very good.

Thanks everybody for the help,


I had a look for bedsitter in the dictionary - you were right about it being British anyway (I had only heard of a bedsit)

bedsitter // n. (also bedsit) Brit. colloq.
= bed-sitting room.

bed-sitting room // n. Brit.
a one-roomed unit of accommodation usu. consisting of combined bedroom and sitting room with cooking facilities.

"You learn something every day"

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