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From Deb on 4 Feb '00
replying to IGNORE _ WRONG URL posted by Paul

>>This is my first site

Amazing...simply amazing...

For a first site you have stuck gold! First, I must say the photo's
are phenomenal...whereever did you get them? Besides Paris Match!

Secondly, I like everything about the site, except for two things, one
the fact that under the budget hotels your location maps are too obscure.
Keep in mind most folks haven't a clue where things are located. I'd
suggest offering a click thru to a broader map which would show the location
in relation to the city as a whole (i.e. where is it in relation to
the Champs Elysees for instance). Other than that I'd say you've got
a winner...cause heaven knows the price of Hotels in Paris is exorbidant
beyond belief, so any discount would be welcomed. Two, the prices are
not converted and I realise this fluctuates, however, most people would
benefit from a rough (put a dislcaimer that it's subject to change) idea
of the cost in U.S. dollars.

Thirdly...count me prejudice as heck cause it's my favorite city in
the whole world (next to London!) and for a small fee I'll tell ya where
the very best place in all of Paris is to sit with a glass of wine and
watch the lights of the city (especially the Eiffel Tower) turn on...
Tres magnifique!!

btw, make sure you get this site promoted before Valentines Day...:)

Au Revoir,

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