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From Paul on 5 Feb '00
replying to Re: IGNORE _ WRONG URL posted by Deb

>>>This is my first site
>Amazing...simply amazing...
>For a first site you have stuck gold! First, I must say the photo's
>are phenomenal...whereever did you get them? Besides Paris Match!
>Secondly, I like everything about the site, except for two things, one
>the fact that under the budget hotels your location maps are too obscure.
>Keep in mind most folks haven't a clue where things are located. I'd
>suggest offering a click thru to a broader map which would show the location
>in relation to the city as a whole (i.e. where is it in relation to
>the Champs Elysees for instance). Other than that I'd say you've got
>a winner...cause heaven knows the price of Hotels in Paris is exorbidant
>beyond belief, so any discount would be welcomed. Two, the prices are
>not converted and I realise this fluctuates, however, most people would
>benefit from a rough (put a dislcaimer that it's subject to change) idea
>of the cost in U.S. dollars.
>Thirdly...count me prejudice as heck cause it's my favorite city in
>the whole world (next to London!) and for a small fee I'll tell ya where
>the very best place in all of Paris is to sit with a glass of wine and
>watch the lights of the city (especially the Eiffel Tower) turn on...
>Tres magnifique!!
>btw, make sure you get this site promoted before Valentines Day...:)
>Au Revoir,
Thanks for the encouragement, in 2 weeks time i should have double the number of hotels. The photographs were a nightmare, but eventually they were OK using a basic Agfa parellel port scanner. Thanks for the advice.

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