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Re: Need help
From Deb on 10 Feb '00
replying to Need help posted by Brad Kauffman

Hello Brad,

Well, I am impressed and annoyed at the same time! :)

Truly, I am impressed with your site...the design, text, photograph's
(on the static pages) and ease of navigation...especially like the
movie camera lighting up the navigation bar...very clever segue...
However, the intro was too slow, and geared far too much towards
women...correct me if I'm wrong but men are involved in this wedding
process as yourself chose to have your wedding video'd, right?
Anyway, I would either lose the lead-in, or change it to Flash so it
could stream much faster...on my machine it was painfully slow going,
and make it more...'wedding oriented' if you leave opposed to
college girls hanging out <?>

That was one of the annoying parts, the other aggravation came about as I
was downloading the 'real player' version of your video demo...I
could not download it (have this plug-in installed already) so am not
sure what the problem was...but it wouldn't work...and that begs another
question...I'm a bit confused about just what you produce. If people
send in photograph's, which you put to music and form into a presentation
much like that in the start of your WEB site, isn't that different from
a "wedding video" which is taken with a handi-cam? I think the fact that
I'm left wondering may alert you to the need to be more explicit in your
description of what it is your providing/producing. It would have become
clear I'm sure, if I'd been able to download a demo, but that shouldn't
really be necessary in order for me to 'know' what you are selling...

I think the site has terrific potential just based on it's design...very
appealing...and I'd recommend you start approaching places like
and other on-line dating services, as well as catalogue sites that offer
wedding gifts on-line (people might like to give your videos as gifts to
the newlyweds). Locally (and this could also apply nationally) I'd try
approaching anyplace that sells Photography Services and/or Photo Developers
(ie Ritz Cameras, JC Pennys, Sears, etc.) as you provide a service that
encourages folks to take LOTS AND LOTS of pictures...and if this is a
quality product (don't know couldn't see it, but if the site's any indication
of your 'eye' for design I trust your videos must be good)...then they
might decide it's worth putting your business cards/Flyers(with URL
prominently displayed) on their counters. Worth a shot I'd say....

There is also the Bridal Salon market...the very best place in the world
to catch 'brides to be' want your name out there right? Try offering
a discount coupon to anyone who buys a "Milady" or "X-brand name" bridal word of mouth is everything at this want to become
synonymous with anything "bridal/wedding" related....

Anyway, depending on how large a business you'd like to build and how
much 'work' you can handle, you have the potential to tremendously expand...
Again, approach your local radio stations and check out the price for
on air advertising, or offer a free video as a give away it's a super
way of getting the 'name' out there....

Well...I'm sure you get the idea by's all in how BIG you think
and how you can handle expansion without compromising the quality of your
product...taking any or all of the above suggestions depending on how
agressively you'd like to market the site/product...

Best of luck...hope it helps!


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