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Re: Newspaper rejected my website!
From Linda Rogers at on 11 Feb '00
replying to Re: Newspaper rejected my website! posted by CyberEye®

>>I've been working on my website for 4 years ... I finally have come
>>up with a way (I think) to get paid for my efforts ...
>>running an ad in a major newspaper would be a good way to go,
>>(some way to get traffic other than search engines)
>>BUT - when I tried to place a simple ad:
>>I was told they would not run my ad because it was a competitive
>>threat (I believe that's how they put it) bottom line they said NO!
>>I don't get it?????
>>I am posting this in hopes that someone, who knows way more than I...
>>will review my site and tell me what they think ...
>>and if no one can help me here, where might I seek suggestions?
>What did the ad' say, word for word, please?

I asked for a simple one liner ad that would read:


that's it!

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