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Re: Please critique my site
From Deb on 12 Feb '00
replying to Please critique my site posted by Anne


This is a great site...not only is the underlying theme a very worthwhile
service, but the design is clear, concise and easily utilized...

I would recommend losing the link exchange as well...besides not looking
like a banner (even though it says link exchange) the last thing you want
to do is have a mechanism on the homepage for people to leave your site...
if it was advertising (ie your getting paid) it's one thing, but just to
exchange a link it's far to tempting for folks to surf off into cyber-space
never to return/find their way back...FWIW, if you feel it's generating
traffic and worth the bother, then make it 'look' like a banner, not a
link to another part of your web site...then people will know if they click
it their leaving...

If you get your URL out to various on-line newsgroups, University's (Med Students),
Hospitals, AMA, ADA, etc, etc. that should go a long way towards drawing in the
necessary traffic/target audience your after vs. the random nature of a
link exchange...

Hope that helps...

Best of luck with what looks to be a tremedous resource for the
medical community!


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