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Re: New site needs review
From Deb on 12 Feb '00
replying to New site needs review posted by Marvin


Two impressions right away....

One, you shouldn't make people scroll down to get to the 'links' part
of your some individuals are on 15" screens and mighten see
the rest of the page and believe it's simply a lead-in page with a non-
functional link. I realise this is a 'dedication' page and must have significant
personal meaning for you...but I'd recommend placing the upper portion
of the page on a sub-page titled "dedicated to" and allowing the lower portion
(with the actual links/navagation) to be at the top, thus not requiring people
to scroll down.

Secondly, I would make the following changes to your 'catalogue' page...

a) separate the code from the description of the item looks
as though they are together so the code isn't clearly deliniated.

b) move the mouse pad up to be with the magnets/labels and group all the
food stuffs together...


If these are family pages, as opposed to a commercially viable site (i.e.
you wish to promote your products and have them sell well) then I'd
leave things as they are. But if in fact you are trying to create a
WEB business...I would take out all photo's of a personal nature and
put a description under the remaining ones (like the statue forinstance).
This will help with the search engines as well because you will need far
more text on the site in order to have them index it...

I hope this is helpful to you, I hesitated to recommend changing the
site, as it appeared quite 'personal', but believed you wouldn't have
written in for advice if you didn't want honest feedback.

Best wishes,

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