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Re: New site needs review
From Marvin at Athens Market on 13 Feb '00
replying to Re: New site needs review posted by Deb

>Two impressions right away....
>One, you shouldn't make people scroll down to get to the 'links' part
>of your some individuals are on 15" screens and mighten see
>the rest of the page and believe it's simply a lead-in page with a non-
>functional link. I realise this is a 'dedication' page and must have significant
>personal meaning for you...but I'd recommend placing the upper portion
>of the page on a sub-page titled "dedicated to" and allowing the lower portion
>(with the actual links/navagation) to be at the top, thus not requiring people
>to scroll down.

I like your idea about the clumsiness of scrolling down to enter the site.
I'll try a few things. The catalog is getting pitched soon as I am working
on a much nicer setup, but had to have something to get started. I have my
doubts on separating the commercial from the personal. I have had a number
of small Greek Import shops in my town for the last 15 years, and
resoundingly the folksiness of relating a personal connection has made a BIG
difference in sales and customer loyalty. One other thing is that I do this
for fun not for money which merely supports my hobbies.



>Secondly, I would make the following changes to your 'catalogue' page...
>a) separate the code from the description of the item looks
>as though they are together so the code isn't clearly deliniated.
>b) move the mouse pad up to be with the magnets/labels and group all the
>food stuffs together...
>If these are family pages, as opposed to a commercially viable site (i.e.
>you wish to promote your products and have them sell well) then I'd
>leave things as they are. But if in fact you are trying to create a
>WEB business...I would take out all photo's of a personal nature and
>put a description under the remaining ones (like the statue forinstance).
>This will help with the search engines as well because you will need far
>more text on the site in order to have them index it...
>I hope this is helpful to you, I hesitated to recommend changing the
>site, as it appeared quite 'personal', but believed you wouldn't have
>written in for advice if you didn't want honest feedback.
>Best wishes,

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