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Re: Site review, please!
From Nicholas on 13 Feb '00
replying to Site review, please! posted by Pamela Savage Speigel

>Boy! Am I glad I found this place! (I could have used it a few months ago when butchered another site!) Needless to say, I'm still learning. PlEASE check my site out. From what I've learned I need to get it entered in search engines soon or we'll miss our season (fishing). I relize now, that I used a cheesy webhost, (I guess it's a little late to start over now). I started with templates, then went in and added html to customize it. I tried to make it appear as if it is underwater. Later, I'd like to include a slideshow of fishing pictures, but haven't a clue how to do that! LOL! You guys/gals seem to be experts and I need all the help I can get!

Hi, Pam:

Some decent photos. They're usable. Now, allow me to trash
your first web site... :-)

First, anyone knows the Bay has better crabs than Ocean City
any day of the year. I get mine at Fisherman's on Kent Island.
Not that deep water scares me. I just know blue crabs and
rock fish are where it's at. But of course OC folks aren't
serious about their fish. I hear they even eat mud oysters.

As to your web site:

You probably have a service that is salable on the web.
But it's a version 0.5 web site. Yep, get off of Tripod,
spring the $19.95 a month for a real host. Tripod is
killing your download speed by mixing their own garbage
tracking and cookies into the download. (Clear your browser
cache and time it with a watch.) And the SEs may penalize
Tripod sites (though I haven't kept track of that story).

If your site is passably normal HTML, you should be able
to have it up and running on a new host in days. Transfer
the domain name over, and most of the world's servers will
resolve to the new IP address in days. Then submit it to the
search engines. Forget about this season, in any huge way.
It's taking about 4 months to get your full ranking on
all the SEs. But if you act now you might easily cover
the cost of the web site and more this year. Or even
make a profit.

Then your work really begins. Lose the background, or just
use it on top or on the side.

You might also talk to local hotel/B&B/restaurant owners,
see if they're getting any Web traffic. 95% will be
utterly dense. 5% might have interesting info. And 2%
might be future Web business partners.

Then learn to hate your site. Go back every two weeks
and see what's wrong with it. Eat crabs to reduce the pain.
I recommend Davis's or McNasby's in Eastport.

Then resubmit the new version to the SEs.

If you are making $0/mo off the current version, a rebuild
is worth trying. If you make $20/mo off the next build,
another rebuild is really worth trying.

If you really want to catch this season, I'd suggest
springing a few hundred for some specific advice
and contacting Jim or Ginny for some advice. That'll
snap you through a lot of the learning curve.

(Nope, I don't make money off deadlock. But one can
always hope.)

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