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Re: Yes! Another site review
From Deb on 17 Feb '00
replying to Yes! Another site review posted by Paul

Hi Paul,

Come on! What do you think? I want to hear, please!

Just a glutton for punshiment aren't ya!!! heheh

O.K. as I said before the location maps on the sub (cheap hotels)
pages needed to be expanded...seems you attempted that, however, it
is so fuzzy as to be illegible, so I'd suggest you take that fantastic
map on the homepage and pinpoint the location of those cheap stays on could reduce the size a bit without losing the sharpness
I'm sure....I mean after all it gives a sensational overview of the
whole city so why not use it to advantage!

I see we're still having to deal with the currency converter...I know
the Parisian pride but honestly, if you could just give the 'dollar'
amount I think it would up their sales and make everyone's life easier!
After all they aren't aiming at the French poplulation for the majority
of their business are they? No, I'd be willing to wager the number of
U.S. tourists exceeds that of most other countries combined...and trust
me...even if you aren't American...when you start talking room rates in
the hundreds (i.e. 375, 450, 625 etc.) people panic and go elsewhere...
like Greece forinstance...:)

I still think the site is OoooLaLa....and you've done a terrific job of
putting loads of info into an easily navigatable format, so take a bow!

Then contact for promotion advice/service and you'll be
inudated with hits in no time flat...

Congratulations, you should be extremely proud of that site...:)



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